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The following are ideas suggested to me by others.


My sister-in-law came up with an interesting memorial idea for her youngest brother:

I am now the proud owner of a new tattoo! This is not just any tattoo. This is in memory of Chris. I've been wanting another for quite some time and with everything that's happened this, to me, was the perfect idea. It's on my right shoulder and isn't very big. I'd say about 2"x3" at the most. It's done completely in black but not jet black. It's shaded in different degrees so I guess you could say it's actually kind of gray. It's a dragon wrapped around a sun with a Chinese symbol in the middle of the sun. Basically, it's a dragon with a sun for its tummy. Now all of this is naturally symbolic. The Chinese symbol is for younger brother. (No real reason why I picked Chinese--it just looked cool to me!) The dragon is because this year is the Chinese year of the Golden Dragon. Which I thought was a unique way to remember the year in which he passed. The Chinese symbol being in the middle of the sun represents how Chris is still surrounded by the family and always will be part of us. The burning flame of the sun represents the love that we have for him. And just like the sun, our love will never be extinguished. It will burn brightly for years to come. I got the tattoo on my shoulder so I can see it. Every time I look at it I will be reminded of Chris and hope that he somehow approves or at least understands. Just like I hope all the rest of you do.

This wasn't done to shock or repulse any of you. And for the younger, impressionable ones out there who are reading this and getting any ideas from it--STOP. This does NOT come recommended in any way, shape or form. Although I already have a previous tattoo from way back in my college days I must have forgotten what it felt like. No matter what anyone tells you, tattoos HURT! They are also a PERMANENT change in your appearance so, this is not something to play around with.

Jean adds: This is my idea and if I catch any of you copying me I will personally come KICK YOUR BUTT!!

However, I won't tell if you do. :-)

Naming Opportunities

I'm not talking about if you give a foundation $10,000 and they put your nameplate on a desk. One of the women in my local infant-loss support group has an avid fisherman for a husband. He purchased a new boat in preparation for a fishing tournament about two years after their baby Keegan died. He came home one day and said, "I hope you don't mind what I named the boat." He had named the boat Keegan. When he went to the tournament, many people asked him why he'd chosen that name for his boat, and his wife was surprised to hear him tell the story. This was part of the healing process to him.

I have yet to hear of any cars named for children, but if you have a vanity license plate, please send me a photo and I'll put it up online!

Wedding Ring Memorial

Monika writes: After Anouk's death it was important for me to have a sign of her life which I can ever have with me. So I asked a goldsmith to set 4 small diamonds in my wedding ring. 4 diamonds for my 4 children (Anouk was the fourth). It wasn't expensive at all, since the diamonds are really, really small ! I love the idea to have all my family on my wedding ring. The name of my husband inside, the light of my children outside. Today I brought it back to the goldsmith, I wanted him to engrave two little stars inside for the two miscarriages I had before my eldest daughter. Nobody could see this children, not even me, but they are still in my heart. I wanted them to be on my wedding ring too. Only for me. So this wedding ring became a ring of my life.

Monika runs her own anencephaly support web site, made extra-special because it is the first one written in German and French.

Lock-of-hair Locket

Tammy writes, I eventually got myself a locket (originally a fingerprint locket) and put a small lock of Jessica's hair in it. We got the locket at Meijers. It is a fingerprint locket and comes with a stamp kit so you can put your child's fingerprint in it. The silver was $20 and the gold $40. Tammy also runs an anencephaly support site with Jessica's story, information about anencephaly, support groups, memorial links, and inspirational stories.

Flower Ornaments

Gina writes: I bought clear glass ornaments from a craft store and I kept all of the flowers that we received from Christianna's memorial service and dried them out. So I will get around to it very soon but I am going to just break up the flowers and fill the clear bulbs with the dried petals and add a bow. This will be my memory of Christianna and I have plenty of flowers to make one for family members as well.



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