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These are the professionals who treated us well.

They honored our decisions. They smoothed the way for us. They took extra care. They valued our babies equally with every healthy baby. They respected our grief and admired us for our parental love. This is our way of saying thank you for a job well done.

The Certified Nurse-Midwives of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic: Karen Murphy, Susan Riley, Cindy Coughlin, Lucy White, Nancy LePort. Nashua, New Hampshire. I can't say enough about these women's kindness, compassion, and knowledge. I've been hugged by them all, something I can't say for any doctor whose patient I've been.

Valerie H. Hani, M.Sc., Certified Genetic Counselor at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Hanover, New Hampshire. A genetic counselor who respected our decision to go to term and did not try to pressure us. She even let us email her questions afterward.

Cathy Burson, Genetics Counselor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska. She is conducting a study on genetics and anencephaly.

The doctors of Hartford OB/Gyn: Dr. Neville Graham, Dr. Tracy Brennan, Dr. Patricia Fagan
Dr. Quinlan, in Hartford, Connecticut. For their unwavering, whole-hearted support. They hugged me, they prayed for us, they answered any question we had as best as they could, they went the extra mile to meet our requests. They never questioned our decisions, and they provided us with the information we needed to make those decisions. Those weekly appointments to check for a heartbeat were so hard - but I felt cared for and supported whenever I went to see them.

Hartford Hospital - the Labor and Delivery team, in Hartford, Connecticut. So incredibly supportive and helpful. Ditto for the nursing staff in the Women's Wing on the 8th floor where I spent my recovery time after my daughter had died. They cried with us, they helped us do mementos, they read and responded to our wish list wholeheartedly.

Dr. David Jones, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Dept. of OB/Gyn, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut. For his determination in getting us the answers that we needed - working very hard to inject my uterus with fluid so we could clearly see Brianna and know for sure that she did not have kidneys. And for sharing in our sorrow when our worst fears were realized.

Dr. Falzone at St. Elizabeth's hospital in brighton, Mssachusetts. GREAT doctor. She even attended the baby memorial for us. She wasn't sure if we were going to be able to make it with the drive and all. She has called me at home several times and is WONDERFUL! She set up Saturday and Sunday hours just for us because she knew we had a 2 1/2 hour drive and it was hard to get there for the appointments. GREAT CATHOLIC DOCTOR!

Dr. Marianne Ude, from Port Angeles, Washington. An extremely kind, empathetic, and compassionate physician. She allowed me to call her at home when I needed to, she came to Loren's funeral, she knitted him a cap. With our subsequent pregnancy, she provided understanding and thorough care. She made a knit cap for Claire as well, and did a house call without charge when Claire was born to give her her newborn exam, etc. She worked closely with me on post-partum depression issues also.

Carol Gautschi, CPM, Sequim, Washington. A midwife who has become a dear friend, Carol has attended my past three pregnancies and births. She drove me to Seattle when I was in pre-term labor with Loren; she held my hand during the exams and tests, she cried with me when the ultrasound showed anencephaly. She read the Prayers of the Faithful at Loren's funeral liturgy and allowed me MANY visits with my subsequent pregnancy to ease my fears. She prayed with me when doubts threatened, she supported my decisions fully. A wonderful caregiver and dear, dear friend.

Dr Beyerlein, Eugene, Oregon. He was and is very supportive from the first day that the ultrasound was done through everything that was done after. He didn't push me to terminate and respected my decisions to carry to term. When I did go into labor, I had his pager number and home number to call when the time came. He is a wonderful doctor.

Dr. Jackson, Billings, Montana. He was the perinatologist that took care of me and Amanda. He helped me fight the insurance to continue to have ultrasounds done when they believed that why do more when its not going to change anything. He was also there when Amanda was born helping Dr. Beyerlein. He also never pushed me to terminate and respected my decision to carry to term. His genetic counselor Leslie was there for me whenever I needed to talk. She spent hours with me and helped me with anything I needed to talk about. Also Dr. Jackson did ultrasounds for me whenever I needed to have one done. The last two months of my pregnancy I think an ultrasound was done every week. I have a lot of pictures of Amanda before and after she was born. They also got me in touch with another mom who is one of my best friends now.

Hospice of the Western Reserve, Cleveland, Ohio, We started with their services during the pregnancy. We had a pediatric nurse for Angela and a social worker for my two older daughters. The social worker and the pediatric nurse were both at the hospital during labor and delivery.

Busch Family Funeral Chapels, serving Northeast Ohio Very caring and compassionate funeral home. They carried out all our requests and more. They never pushed sales or services that we didn't want. More than just a funeral home. They can also provide support groups, bereavement counseling and other services for all ages . We still recieve bereavement newsletters, 8+ months after our baby's death. Information provided in memory of Angela Hope ~ stillborn 5-31-00.

When I told my doctor that I was going to carry the baby, and she knew I was truly serious, she told me she thought I was doing the right thing. She has cried with me on several occassions and has put it on my chart to be paged if I go into labor even if she is not on call. She said if she's in town she will be there! She has made her office schedule my OB appointments first thing in the morning so I won't get stuck in a waiting room with all the moms and their new babies (trying to help me avoid any public melt-downs). She called me several times after we got the diagnosis just to see how I was doing. I wish everyone could have this kind of support from their physician.

Dr. Steven Abbey and Dr. Donald Jones, Ormand Center For Women, Monroe, North Carolina. Two wonderful doctors and absolutely terrific men who realized that my son deserved the same treatment and respect as any other unborn baby.

Dr. Aliya Khan, La Mesa, CA. I would like to include my current OB/GYN even though she wasn't the one seeing me through Jasmine's pregnancy and delivery. But she is wonderful. I saw her last week for my prenatal checkup and we were talking about how I carried Jasmine to term, and she said that she does not agree with termination due to defects. That she believes that God gives us our children for a reason and that Jasmine was a gift to us. That she feels that Sierra and this new baby are rewards from God for us carrying to term. I have found her very comforting and obviously prolife. I also had a friend who miscarried while under her care and found her very compassionate.

Dr. Sheila Hill of Haislet, Hill, Wavrin, Wright and Lehrman, Minneapolis, MN as well as Rosie Bauer, RN and the team of caregivers at Abbott Northwestern Hospital's WomenCare unit. Dr. Hill honored our decision to carry our son to term. She called him by name and treated our visits with joy. She rejoiced with us when Eli hit milestones, and as he continued to live. She was with us when he was born and held him after he died. She is truly a treasure and is more than a physician: she is a friend. What a wonderful ministry she has through her care.

Women's and Children's Hospital, Lafayette, LA. Dr. Rachelle Meaux, nurses
Margaret, Lisa, Jonnie and Diana.
We can't say enough to thank Dr. Meaux and the staff at Women's and
Children's Hospital. They shared in our joy and our sorrow at the birth and loss of our sweet daughter. They are models of both professionalism and empathy. They allowed us to make requests and they met all of our needs. From a private waiting room for family and friends to the tears they shed with us at our baby dedication service, they went beyond my expectations in every way.

Women's Foothill Clinic, Dr. McArthur, Hill OB/GYN and Alesia Carlson CNM, Wheatridge Colorado, Lutheran Medical Center: the staff and the many numerous caring nurses who cared for me in Labor and Delivery Unit.  For the chaplain (first name Bill) who prayed with us during the hard times of delivery. They were excellent in their services to make me as comfortable from fear and pain and supportive not only physically but spiritually.

Marie Dazey, CNM at Southern Ob/Gyn was absolutely supportive of our decision to carry Addison Olivia to term.  She supplied answers to all the medical questions I had but more importantly, she gave me the shoulder to cry on that I needed every time she saw me.  Having suffered losses herself, she could totally empathize with our experience and reached out to hug me even when I didn't know I needed one- her hugs felt great every time.  Trenda and Kathy, nurses in labor & delivery at South Georgia Medical Center, were also excellent and went above and beyond the call of duty.  Trenda stayed 4 hours after her shift was over to help us get footprints, bathe Addison, and take picture after picture.  We are forever grateful for these angels God gave us on earth!  Thank you ladies We would have been lost without you!

Dr. Fletcher Wilson of Monadnock OB-GYN in Peterborough, NH. Words cannot express how caring and compassionate this doctor is. He had me make my apppointments with him near the end of my pregnancy as he knew my situation best for continuity of care. He called me at home and sent a card after my baby died. At my 6week checkup we talked for an hour and so I had to reschedule the exam part of the visit! He told me to make it the last appointment of the day so we could "talk" some more.

Michele Branch, Genetic Counselor at Dartmouth Hitchcock, Nashua, NH. She is such a sweet caring person. As I've told her she is perfect for the job. Kept in touch throughout my pregnancy and after. Just the person you'd want to gently break the news to you that something is wrong with the baby you are carrying.


Please email me to include your caring professionals on the hall of fame! Give their name or the name of their practice, plus their city and state, and maybe a sentence or two about how they were so terrific. So many mothers have had bad experiences. It's time to honor the professionals who acted as such!